About Us

HealthIT was founded in 2015, and has been providing billing services to different healthcare service providers. It was created when a gap was identified in the market. Practices are usually categorized and classified into either high paying or low paying and their individual needs generalized and lumped together. The truth is practices are different have different needs. HealthIT takes time to assess each and every practice, evaluate what their needs are, discuss with the relevant practice what works and what does not work. Then follow this up with a recommendation of what is suitable for that specific practice’s needs and challenges. Our clients have no need to feel inferior whether they send 10 claims or less in a month Needs for You understands this and treats and offers services specific to individual practices needs.

With numerous years of experience in claims, accounts and administrations. HealthIT continues to improve its service offering in order to meet its customers’ needs and requirements. Throughout our years of experience, we have learned to value each and every client whether big or small. We believe that everything big started small: therefore, we do not miss the opportunity to cherish the privilege of witnessing the growth of most of our clients. We believe that our success is in the success of our clients.


Our aim is to transform the activities of our clients in to fulfilling rewards. Improving their cash flow and ensuring that their returns equally match the hard work they have put in.


Is to become the most reliable billing service provider. Providing affordable quality services to a wide range of specialties in the healthcare services across South Africa.

Our Team

Peter Sethokga 

Has 11 years of experience in claims, accounts and administrations. Peter holds a degree in Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting, a 3-year national Diploma in financial management, a certificate in numerical skills and total quality management. Peter is a family man who enjoys quality time with his family. He is a perennial scholar who is always learning and studying. His desire is that HealthIT achieves tremendous success in the industry and that it will contribute towards improving and changing lives through job creation and by providing quality and outstanding services.

Thabo Nkutha

Head of Sales & Marketing
20+ Year experience in IT and Healthcare Billing
Billing platform: Healthbridge, Mededi, CGM, Practice Perfect, PMO
Education: 2 diploma in Computer Technical Studies and Networking Infrastructure Development respectively,
Strong knowledge in electronic health records and medical scheme claiming rules
A medical billing service provider that provides billing solutions for medical services providers
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