Debt Collection



We provide comprehensive and professional medical debt recovery. We are renowned for recovering medical debt across South Africa, employing the most professional and effective debt collection techniques and strategies.
We negotiate and resolve debt disputes professionally and on-time. We know your relationships with your patients matter, therefore our debt recovery strategy is achieved by focusing on diplomacy, persistence and an understanding of individual patients’ circumstances. This approach helps us to achieve results while maintaining the value of your practice and your relationship with your patients.
We are dedicated to servicing both large and small medical practices/establishments ensuring optimum recovery of both large and small debts. which may have previously been considered futile. Monthly management reports are provided, enabling you to be on top of your cashflow
HealthIT has a strong foundation in medical debt collections. We understand that recovering debt is a challenging and difficult process for medical professionals Therefore, we provide exceptional solutions and strategies that deliver solid results and frees the medical practitioner to focus on running and managing their practice.
A medical billing service provider that provides billing solutions for medical services providers
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